Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mom Bashing.

    I have noticed a terrible trend on the bashing. If you:

  • Breastfeed
  • Formula feed
  • Co sleep
  • Let your baby sleep in a crib
  • Let your child have a pacifier
  • Let your child suck their thumb
  • Let your child have nothing
  • Eat organic
  • Carry your babies in carriers
  • Spank
  • Don't spank
  • Eat fast food
  • Have a clean house
  • Have a dirty house
  • Wear skirts
  • Wear pants
  • Are a single mom
  • Are married
  • cloth diaper
  • Disposable diaper
  • Work
  • Stay at home
  • Had a natural birth
  • Had an epidural
  • Had a c-section
  • Had a VBAC
  • Had a repeat C-section
  • Home school
  • Take your kids to private school
  • Take your kids to public school
You're doing it wrong! There is no way to win anymore! In this day and age, where we as moms are trying so desperately hard to just raise good kids, it's unfair. When did raising kids become a high-school popularity contest? "Oh, Suzie just fed her toddler a FRENCH FRY!!!!" Really? Just...really?
   Why all the hate? Is it because people feel the need to justify their decisions? Sorry, that is just STUPID. Because the rules for one kid don't work for another.  Let me tell you, I have tried to nurse all my babies, because I personally thought it was easier, but that only worked one out of four times. And you know what? They are all still healthy.
   Some have coslept with us, some haven't, and they are all okay and sleep in there own beds now. I have had 2 thumb suckers, 2 paci babies, and the oldest three have all quit the habit with no long term effects. We try to eat some food organic, but McDonald's is a treat for my kids. I have carried some babies on my back/tummy in a carrier, but some HATED it.
   I have a dirty house (BTW it's much cleaner than usual at the moment), but my SIL has a clean one and we both passionately love our kiddos and they are not suffering from our cleaning habits one way or the other.
    I have met people who assume I am one of those women who only wear skirts, but hey I am wearing shorts at the moment. I promise, it doesn't MATTER. My dear friend K. is a single mom, and just every bit as fantastic at it as me! And she works full time and is the best "homemaker" I know. She clothed diapered when hers were under a year, and I did too, starting with #3, but ain't no one want to wash toddler diapers, so they are put up again.
   I did the Bradly method very successfully with #4 up until I had another emergency c-section. Still their Mama no matter how they came out of me. I home school because it is the right choice for my family, but I know several fantastic private and public schools in the town one over from me.
   So, HOW it happens doesn't matter. But the INTENT does. Are you trying to raise Godly, respectful kids? Are you trying to teach them how to be productive members of society? I promise, that is what matters. NO ONE will care if they suck their thumb at 20 (except maybe their spouse).NO ONE will care if they were breastfed (unless they still are at 20).
   It's all in OUR heads. And it's not a contest. Relax, people. Eat a Popsicle. God still loves you. And I do too.