Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A day in the life....

   Since I currently have no dishes to do (I know, shocking!) I have no real divine inspiration for today's post. So I thought I might enlighten you to an average day in my life.
    I starts with the cruel mocking call of the alarm clock. That mean ol' thing has super warp snooze mode, so I try not to use it. By the time I hear it bidding me to wake, 3 of the 4 kiddos are moving. #2 has always popped up like a daisy, while #3 has to be pulled from bed, much like his mother. The kids are supposed to clean their rooms while Mama gets dressed, changes the baby, dresses the baby, makes manna (also known as coffee), makes her bed, then starts a load of laundry. At this point, I once again remind the kids that they are supposed to clean their rooms, then brush hair and teeth, and get dressed (clean underwear!)
    After breakfast and the second sip of coffee, they have to finish getting their rooms clean, go feed and water the chickens and the dogs, and generally play outside without getting soaking wet and/or muddy (which is usually a lost cause).
   Third sip of coffee, then we start school. Since it's summer(ish), we have a light calender, with only the basics of English, math, reading, science, and of course music (of which I am exactly one lesson ahead of the kids on that recorder!)
    I have a timer set to go off at 3 pm, which signals time to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the end of any unfinished school, and after which EWTN has their children's programs. It is an hour and a half of cavtholic cathecism to animation and Mama's break time to do another load of laundry/dishes/ brush my teeth, etc. If you haven't discovered EWTN's Faith Factory, give it a try. Cat Chat is the best!
   We all muddle around, playing, changing the baby, actually finishing off my coffee until about 6, until Dad calls to say he is on his way home. Ideally, this means I immediately set to work making dinner so that it is ready for his arrival, where he is greeted by loving kisses and "how was work?" From a herd of littles. But sometimes it is the "witching hour" where every child in my house slightly malfunctions and goes nutty and Mr. S. is greeted by a slightly white-eyed woman throwing small children at him and saying something incoherent but along the lines of "HiHonI'mgladyourhome,I'mlockingmyselfinthebedroomfor15minuteskaylovetyou"
    Now the very least scheduled time of day:bedtime. In my mind, it goes like this: at 8, it is time to get in PJ's, showering the smelliest of kids (which is usually all of them)while the cleaner ones (the baby) wait until the fmorning. Brush teeth, clean their rooms so they don't have to in the morning, and then prayers together as a family.
    Now, sometimes it happens that way, like last night, and I got to fully clean the dining room and kitchen, do all the dishes, and switch another load of laundry before I got a nice long bath. But there are some days when (in all honesty here, don't judge) the kids are still awake at 10, to which I say prayers out loud (which is VERY loud according to my niece) while I throw kids in PJ's (yes, you can sleep in your underwear tonight), followed by a kiss on my hon's cheek, and parents likely unconscious before #3 is done singing "Let It Go"to himself.
    Now, we are very flexible and some days the schedule is completely forgotten and we have a day of crazy and then there are Funky Fridays, when we watch silly movies and eat "junk" food, like all the grapes in the fridge. I reserve the right to have a Funky Friday on any day of the week. So there you have it, for better or worse.