Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quick post.

I can only scribble a few lines today because today is pretty busy.
    First, I apologize for my terrible grammar and typos. Three kids ago, I would have been appalled. But that was before trying to write on the fly, with a lack of sleep, usually with a babe in my lap with the tablet I thought would be Superior (and cheaper)than a computer-Ha! So I am keeping them in, to remember my days like this.
    Also, I love last minute news, like #3 has his first tball game in an hour!We rallied the forces (this was yesterday), changed the baby, re fixed the fence where the pups were getting out, made it at the last minute, and had a blast! (Though I melted in the heat). He is a natural, even without a glove.
    Today is the feast day of St. Boniface. We are going to have the bishop come to our church today, way out in the middle of nowhere at St. Boniface Church!We will have a potluck dessert afterwards, I think I will make a blueberry cobbler, since they are so fresh and delicious this year.
   And last, remember that clean kitchen? It's gone again, but man was it nice! I think I can still remember what it looks like. Have a great day.