Friday, June 6, 2014

Laugh or Cry Day.

Since it seems to be shaping up to be a Laugh or Cry day, I figure I'd just keep a running commentary. What is a laugh or cry day? It is a day when so many things go wonky, if you don't laugh about it, you cry. The first Laugh or cry day I ever remember was a disaster resulting in my mom quiting her job and falling off a horse and breaking my pelvis in three places. I cried. Another memorable one was #4's birth, where for about 5 minutes I thought my baby was dead, and I was in the worst pain of my life. Then a miracle happened, and I laughed and cried. Today is not that extreme, but it is crazy.
    Set scene: Children still had no rooms clean by noon, and the house is so utterly destroyed I'm pretty sure FEMA will be by momentarily with aid.
    First Laugh or Cry (LOC): Whilst picking out church clothes, I discovered that #3's boot were COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY MISSING UNDER A PILE OF DRIED CHICKEN MUD. (Chicken mud:the mud chickens make, very stinky and sticks better than gorilla glue). Proceeded to scrub mud by hand off of boots, having them drying outside in hopes of no wet socks this evening.
  LOC #2 forgot my sanity and let baby feed herself spaghetti. She is not clean but not spaghetti contagious. Add another 30 minutes to the get ready timer to bathe baby. Definitely a laughing moment, silly Mama.
 LOC #3 Just discovered a cousin's little one was admitted to the hospital. Definitely a cry moment, lifting her and her parents up to God.  St. Nicholas, pray for them!
     LOC #4 Might have been too hasty to chastise #3 as my right church shoe is out on the porch drying too. I had a big blotch of mud from helping catch a loose horse on the way home from church last week. Yes, in a skirt. Yes, we caught him. No, this has never happened before, but I did chase in some cattle a few months back (I took off the shoes that time.) I am definitely laughing, because apparently mud attraction is genetic. Also amused that my cheap butt bought shoes that are glued together so I can't wash them. But hey, my whole church outfit cost $20.10 excluding the veil, so..... (15 bucks for the shoes NEW, 5 dollars for the shirt on eBay, and 10 cents for the fabulous red polka dotted skirt I got a church rummage sale which had previously been altered and fit me like a dream). Decided not too hasty to get on to #3, since I didn't knowingly clump around in mud UP TO MY KNEES (I'm still trying to work that out.)
     AND THEN>>> LOC#5...hmmm, to say this daintily, I was suddenly attacked by a severe bout of trouble only an hour  before church. While I was, ahem, sitting there complaining, my husband told me it must be the devil's work, to which I complained louder that HE wasn't so struck. But I would not go quietly into the night! I shook my bottle of Keopectate at the evil one, and prevailed.
     LOC#6...broken zipper on aforementioned skirt. By this point, I don't care either way, we have GOT to leave.
    And then....
   And then I got to listen to a wonderful homily given by the Bishop. And watch my #1 receive communion. Will it ever not affect my heart so, to see him receive Jesus? Probably not. I got to commune with my dear friends at church, to refresh my soul, and have, for a wonderful hour, all five of my children together with me. I got to smile at #4 playing with a  tiny month old baby, and how #3 waited until we all said,  "Thanks be to God" to shout it out with utter relief in the silence that followed.
    Though we did not get to taste the wonderful blueberry cobbler I made (first off because it was store-bought banana cream pie), we got to spend another fabulous few hours with my  BIL,  SIL, MIL, FIL and two of my wonderful nieces at a local restaurant. We all got to enjoy steak, and fried ice cream, and laugh at how my little niece was convinced by Pa that Nana has cooties and refused to kiss her goodnight for a while.
    Now I am sitting on my couch, happy, and content, next to Mr. S. who is staring at me type in the silence, and I know what type of day it is...It is definitely a laugh and thank God for my crazy beautiful life day. I don't even care that I will have to rewash that load of laundry in the washer.