Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A little of this, a little of that...

     Hey world. I have been busy busy busy as usual, with all kinds of exciting things in the works! Can't tell you everything yet, but definitely some big things coming!
    What can I tell you? For starters, my craftiness has been in overdrive. When I am stressed, I make things. The first thing is a beautiful Cathedral Rose Window afghan that I am making in hopes of being ready for our local church's festival in October. The church always auctions off many beautiful things, and the baby layette set I did last year went quite well. The only catch is that this design is SOOO pretty, and rather intricate, so I told Mr. S. he has to buy it back. He told me I have to make it first. HAHA
     I have also finished the top to my first scrap quilt. I hope to finish actually quilting it next weekend, but it is #2's birthday, so we will see. It is a very bright, happy little nine patch quilt, and there is a lot of sentimental value to it. Old curtains, scraps from the first quilt I ever did, and even the salvageable pieces to a back of a baby quilt of Mr. S's I had to fix are in there. As I was looking for this keyboard to type (on a tablet remember?) I found even MORE squares. Because 2500 little 2 inch squares weren't enough?????
    The biggest thing I am excited about right at this moment is.....we are MOVING!!!! No, we haven't bought a house, but we found a rental out in the middle of nowhere that we love. It is TWICE as big as our current house and even has two (TWO) bathrooms! I am doing the happy dance, imagining not having to do bathroom triage on a regular basis anymore. We are moving in next week, and needless to say, I expect my Internet and things of that nature to be a little glitchy...
    So I am definitely asking for prayers now. Prayers the move goes well, and prayers our house sells quickly. Also, if it isn't too much to ask, prayers that we found the house God intends for us to buy. And yes, I have full plans to buy a St. Joseph's statue (I was going to anyway). I can't wait to tell you more news, but I will say nothing until it is set in stone. Until then, God Bless!