Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Peep peep

Hello from teeny tiny typing on a phone keyboard land! I haven't updated in that long because my phone is my only source of Internet. So if my posts are short and there are typos, please bear with me!

 The big news I promised and did not share was double fold. We had a beautiful baby girl who just turned one and we are living in the country in a nice rent home until we can sell our house and buy some land. Currently my life is full and wonderful.

 A crazy morning happened today. I was walking in my typical zombie state to get coffee when the incubator peeped at me. Yes, we have chickens (quite a few and almost enough!) as well as five very naughty Guineas that I have raised from keets. Guineas  are probably my favorite fowl, so I am currently attempting to hatch out some eggs.

Any other person would not be instantly awakenings by a peep, but I was. Mostly because they aren't supposed to hatch for another nine days! There in my egg turner, was a little chick patiently waiting for me to rescue it. Now, several hours later, it has three siblings and two more who are peeping from their eggs. In other news, did you know that silkie eggs look very similar to Guinea eggs, especially if they share a nest? That's right, my new chicks are half silkie babies. They are in the hatcher (not the incubator) while they dry and their non related Guinea pals still cook away. Guineas take about seven to eight days longer to incubate than a chicken.

The kids are over the moon. This is our second hatch, and #4 has to be repeatedly reminded to stay off the table they are on. She just wants to look and look.

That is all for now, I am off to the final play date on Wednesday for a while. God bless.